Где Находится Блок Центрального Замка Хундай Акцент

Где Находится Блок Центрального Замка Хундай Акцент

Hello! For a long time I was worried about one problem — the work of the central castle, first only in winter and in good frost, it did not open and did not close all the doors except the driver’s, but it was only in the frost around.15, and how a little it became warmer, so everything is fine. So the third year has begun … Spring, warmed up, after a night parking in the garage, in the morning the central lock again began to refuse, after warming up of a body all passed. So I several times waged a battle with the shadow and the shadow constantly won, slipping from under my nose … Morning — does not work, I took my wife to work, I drove on business, I did not work, I went to look for a reason — it does not work, I arrived — hop works! So it was repeated several times, it мейд me very angry and yet I once again decided to find a problem, I came to "my base-hundred" — to my parents in the garage, I started to sort it out — hop! earned! yes eshkin cat! Well, hell with it, continued parsing and ringing wiring — well, meaning to look for a shadow if it’s already day ?! she escaped! the voltage on the necessary wires is, the relay clicks, everything works, all doors are properly closed and opened. I disassembled the door, took the lock completely and twisted a green box from it …

The accent of the forum read that some of the problems for it, they say the relay burns and dosvidos … Well, I obviously do not then, but decided to check.

I called the diodes on the board — one shows something incomprehensible — but in spite of this it works — the conclusion is not in the diode, then the relay "feel" — it all dumped both the board and the relay.

Twisted it, twirled and it is not clear how to disassemble it,

well, shorter trepanation, carefully cutting it with a clerical knife under the root and took off the cap,

Не закрываются двери с центрального замка. Причина и решение проблемы!

Где Находится Блок Центрального Замка Хундай Акцент

relay, contacts all carefully examined, there is no deposit, the coil rang — everything is fine. B … Th. what’s the matter … then soldered relay without a lid, collected the whole box, but did not solder the contacts and into the freezer … Let it freeze, think … Got it — it’s cold, I’m going to connect — it’s working — bitch !

So it’s not in this box and it does not affect the temperature of her work. Contacts on the board are ideal, cracks in the tracks are not visible, the legs are folded just in case. He collected, smeared the lock, screwed it onto new screws, which already for more than half a year were waiting for this epic, tk. relatives were licked, they apparently tried to unscrew them, apparently they tried to unscrew them … They assembled, only did not put the upholstery, decided to check the operability of the lock, the door slammed the button pressed — everything closed, pressed again — it opened, with the handle, to open the door, and she with the first latch opened, and with the second FIG! And the driver’s door does not open! Ёпрст ! What to do! For 40 minutes I was picking it, I hardly opened it! The design of the castle is such that it was not easy to open it, everything is closed and nifiga is not convenient. Okay, I opened it, I found it — as if the internal traction jumped off, I could hardly put it there. Put, smeared, checked … everything works. I conduct supervision — while all is correct, but the obvious reason has not been found out.
10.06.15 Again, periodically does not work. what with it I do not know yet, I do not want to change this box, it’s expensive, with parsing-lottery.
28.07.15 I changed the diodes to new ones, but not so accurately, and from what was in the store, one old native diode was defective. While works. watch.

Ремонт центрального замка. Машина не закрывается. Что делать? В чем может быть причина?

05.08.15 Nichrome does not work, there were isolated cases of failure. Until I give up, I’m looking further.
4.04.2017 Everything works and forgot about the fact that when it did it to me … And the winter worked and did nothing there, it went by itself … Shaitan machine)
Therefore, I will listen to your guesses, opinions, knowledge on this issue.